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Declaration of Freedom

I got this at my Curves.....

A declaration of independence (from a weight
obsessed world)

I, the undersigned, do hereby declare that from
this day forward, I will choose to live my life
by the following tenets:

1. I will accept my body in its natural shape and
2. I will celebrate all that my body can do for
me each day.
3. I will treat my body with respect, giving it
enough rest, fueling it with a variety of food,
exercising it moderately, and listening to what
it needs.
4. I will choose to resist our society's
pressures to judge myself and others on physical
characteristics like body weight, shape, or size.
I will respect people based on the qualities of
their character and the impact of their
5. I will avoid categorizing foods as either
"good" or "bad". I will not associate guilt or
shame with eating certain foods. Instead, I will
nourish my body with a balance of foods,
listening and responding to what it needs.
6. I will not use food to mask my emotional
7. I will not avoid participating in activities
that I enjoy (ie: swimming. dancing, enjoying a
meal) simply because I am self-conscious about
the way my body looks. I will recognize that I
have the right to enjoy any activity regardless
of my body shape or size.
8. I will believe that my self-esteem and
identity come from within!

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